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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 1/03 October 2003 

Star-Oddi Develops a GPS Fish Tag

Star-Oddi has been developing a GPS tag for 3 years in cooperation with Simrad of Norway. 
The tag will be able to receive a position code transmitted from sonar.  If the tagged fish is within the transmitting range, the tag will receive and record the position.
The tag is also recording depth and temperature of the fish, at a user selected sampling interval. The testing this summer was promising.  This technology has been presented on scientific conferences, and an abstract with some results can be found here. The tag will be commercially available from early 2004.

New Star-Oddi Website!

Recently we made a new website to serve our customers better. An important service for us and much welcomed by scientists around the world is to have scientific papers available at our site, with data results from our products. This service allows scientists to see the results from other colleagues and peers that are working in similar fields and can perhaps learn from their experience and knowledge.

If you have a report that you would like to contribute in this section, we would be honored to have it available at our site. To contact us send your mail at or visit our website at and see the Scientific Papers section.

Starmon mini-
Temperature Recorders

Star-Oddi Starmon mini Temperature Recorders are known for its accuracy, reliability, large memory size, long battery life and durability in harsh environment.
Here you can find more about the product.

DST CTD - Salinity Data Logger

Since early 2003 Star-Oddi has been offering this small and economical Salinity, Temperature & Depth Data Logger. The DST CTD offers a conductivity accuracy of +/-0.2 mS/cm and has a memory size of 43.382 measurements per sensor. Optionally the depth measurements can be skipped (DST CT) and increasing the memory up to 65.374 measurements per sensor. See the product overview here.

EUREKA- Success Stories
Star-Oddi GPS Fish Tag to enable fish to be tracked by sonar, providing invaluable data for stock management and fish conservation.
Read more 
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