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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 2/03 December 2003

A Successful Underwater Tagging Cruise 
More than 200 redfish tagged at 500m depth and one already recaptured.

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The Physiological Ecology of Leatherback TurtlesLeatherback Turtle with a DST milli tag ready for release

This project was conducted 2003 by Andy Myers as part of his NERC funded studentship and involves close collaboration with a local NGO in Grenada, Ocean Spirits as part of his NERC funded studentship based at the University of Wales Swansea. 

There are 3 central themes to this project: (1) studies on the nesting ecology of leatherbacks in the Caribbean involving measurements of nest temperature, hatchling success and nest placement (2) studies on the post-nesting movements determined by satellite tracking and (3) studies on internesting diving behaviour.

See the poster here

21-26 October The Marine Research Institute in Reykjavik Iceland (MRI) conducted a survey on a research vessel and tagged over 200 redfish with the Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) made by Star-Oddi.Star-Oddi Tagging Team

The tagging cruise was conducted with a bottom trawl at a well known fishing ground, SW of Iceland. During the survey redfish was tagged at depths of more than 500m. The fish lengths were estimated, from video data from the UTE to be from 32-45 cm. There has already been one recapture of tagged redfish from this latest tagging cruise, the redfish was tagged at approximately 500m depth which confirms that the redfish survives this treatment. These results are very promising and the UTE will allow the researchers to get more information associated with the unknown stock structure of Sebastes mentella The UTE Onboard the Research Vesselredfish, stock components in the Irminger Sea and along the shelf and slopes of Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. As long as the stock structure and possible interrelation between possible stock components remain unknown, it will always be difficult to assess the status of the stock(s) and to give reliable advice on how to manage this important resource.

Here you can read more about the tagging cruise, learn more about the UTE and see pictures taken from the cruise.

DST centi-ex
Temperature and Depth Logger

Large memory size and long battery durability

Since early 2003 Star-Oddi has been offering this small and economical temperature and depth data logger. The DST centi-ex has memory size of 130,958 measurements per sensor. The DST housing is made of bio-compatible material not endangering the health of the tagged animal. Typical battery life is over 3 years, depending on the usage. See the product overveiw here.

Protective Plastic Housing

Star-Oddi offers protective housings for the DST, for use under more harsh environmental conditions. It can for example be fastened to fishing gear or when the DST is used as a stand alone logger.

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