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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 1/04 February 2004

DST GPS - New Technology Breakthrough in Fish Behavioural Studies!

Seven brown trout were tagged with new archival tags, DST GPS made by Star-Oddi on December 22nd 2003, in Lake Thingvallavatn in Iceland. The DST GPS fish tag stores in its internal memory a GPS code which is received from Star-Oddi's new GPS transmitting sounder.  DST GPS also records the depth and temperature at a user selected sampling interval. 

The study is conducted by the research company Salmon & Trout (Laxfiskar) and the aim is to map the distribution and behaviour ecology of brown trout (Salmo Trutta) in Lake Thingvallavatn.

Star-Oddi has developed the GPS system in co-operation with Simrad of Norway, one of world's largest sonar manufacturer. Simrad sonars onboard vessels are able to transmit the position (3-4 km radius) to the DST GPS, which receives and records the position.  Star-Oddi has also developed a small and portable transmitter (see picture below) which is able to transmit a GPS code to the DST GPS tag (up to 300m radius) and is ideal to use in geographical small areas.

After successful development and testings, Star-Oddi is launching this new GPS system to the market. 

Read more about the DST GPS tag and the research in Thingvallavatn here.

Examples of Research Objectives:

  • Analysing environmental conditions
  • Analysing growth rate of fish
  • Availability
  • Detection of commercially harvested fish/stocks  
  • Fish behaviour
  • Ideal for modelling
  • Migration, distribution and mechanisms
  • Positioning salmon and anadromous trout and charr
  • Resource Management
  • Vulnerability

Diving of Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula Arctica)

Heimaey is a volcanic island belonging to the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago located 10 km off the south coast of Iceland. The island has one of the largest puffin colonies in the world and therefore an ideal spot for studying patterns in the puffin's diving behaviour.  The Vestmannaeyjar Research Centre in cooperation with Star-Oddi has been using Data Storage Tags to obtain information on the diving of Atlantic Puffin.
The main goal of this study was to monitor the feeding behaviour of the Puffin using Data Storage Tags (DST) programmed to measure temperature and depth (pressure) over time, but also to estimate diving parameters such as diving frequency, ascending and descending speed, average dive duration, the main foraging depth and the relationship between depths, dive duration, duration of pauses and diving speed.

See the poster along with very interesting information about the Puffin's behaviour along with pictures and a video taken from the tagging last summer.

Read More


Accessibility of fish

DST CTD - World's Smallest and Most Inexpensive CTD Logger

This high quality CTD is the world's smallest and most inexpensive salinity, temperature & depth data logger on the market. It has been much welcomed by scientists around the world conducting various fisheries and oceanographic research. The DST CTD is custom calibrated and ranges can be selected from 3-40 PSU (related to temperature) and temperature from -1 to +40°C (30°F to 95°F). The DST CTD has a memory size of 43.382 measurements per sensor. Optionally the depth measurements can be skipped (DST CT) and increasing the memory up to 65.374 measurements per sensor.

See the product overview here.

DST milli - Temperature and Depth Logger for Lower Price!

Due to more efficient and improved working methods we have been able lower the price significantly for the DST milli - Temperature and Depth logger. DST milli stores in its memory up to 21,738 measurements per sensor, it weighs only 9,2g in air and 5g in water and size is 12.5mm x 38.4mm. Temperature range is from -1 to +40°C (30°F to 104°F) and depth ranges can be selected up to 900m. The DST milli can be setup with up to seven different sampling intervals. The DST milli is the smallest logger in the Star-Oddi DST series.

See the product overview here

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