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5 salmon recaptured with 15 months of data!!

The Institute of Freshwater Fisheries in Iceland have so far recaptured five salmon with DST micro, depth and temperature recording tags.  The salmons were among the 300 tagged salmon smolts that were released in the spring of 2005.  The tags had recorded depth and temperature of the fish at one hour sampling interval during the whole migratory route of the fish, which was ca. 15 months.  The data from the tags show similar patterns in preferred temperature and depth dives of the fish.  Read more about salmon smolt tagging program.

Japan - Diamond Squid Tagging Program

The Sea of Japan is one of the largest fishery grounds in the world for the diamond squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus), but migration mechanism there is poorly known.  A joint tagging project using electronic loggers from Star-Oddi started to reveal more information on the migration.

In October 2005, fishery researchers from three organizations in Japan (local governments of Hyogo and Tottori, and Kinki University) tagged 46 squids (mantle length: ca. 40-65 cm) in the southern Sea of Japan to clarify the swimming behavior and infer migration patterns of the squid. A temperature and depth logger (DST milli) was attached on the fin of each squid along with a conventional disk tag. 10 tags have been recaptured so far.  The recaptured tags have given informative data on behavior of adult squid. 
Read more about the diamond squid tagging program.

ICES Annual Meeting!

Star-Oddi will be exhibiting at the ICES meeting, which will take place in Maastricht, Holland, Sept. 19-23.  One of the theme session will be "Use of Data Storage Tags to reveal the aspects of fish behavior important for fisheries management". 
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Star-Oddi gets the "Innovation & Export Prize"

Star-Oddi has been awarded the 'Innovation & Export Prize 2006'. The award is given annually to an Icelandic company which is considered to have excelled in development of innovative products that have made a breakthrough on international markets.

Small, Inexpensive & Innovative Options

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DST CTD and DST Temperature and Depth Loggers 

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