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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 2/08 January 2008

PatternFinder - New sofware for analysing your data!

Star-Oddi is proud to announce the release of the PatternFinder software. With the use of PatternFinder, users can define events and the software automatically identifies patterns within data from DSTs (Data Storage Tags). Main benefits of the software are:

1. It increases the value of old and new DST data.
2. Less time is spent on data analysing.
3. Patterns within DST data can be identified that otherwise could be missed by the human eye.

With increased memory size in DSTs through the years, fish biologists and other users have been challenged when recapturing tags with memory full of data, covering sometimes 1-2 years in the lifes of fish or other subjects. The software identifies behavioral patterns related to depth and/or temperature based on events defined.

With high demand from scientists, and motivation from key customers, Star-Oddi has finished the development of this specialised advanced software; PatternFinder.  Visit the PatternFinder website. Contact us for more details or for a quotation.

Key features: 
-Simple software interface
-User defines events
-Automatic search for patterns
-Patterns listed in tables

-Spot behavioral patterns
-Increase value of old data
-Increase value of new data
-Maximize your efficiency of time spent on data analysing
-Quickly identify patterns on fish behavior
-Improve consultation to fisheries management
-Become an expert and gain advantage with PatternFinder

Data Storage Tag (DST)
For studies on various animals 

DSTs are available in three different sizes, and give several possibilites to tag smaller species within fish, reptiles, crustaceans, birds and more. Sensors available in the DSTs are: temperature, depth, salinity, compass, GPS and pitch and roll.

Visit our website at and have a closer look at our products.


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