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New results from GPS tags-
Unknowkn migration of cod!

In 2004 a total of 302 cod were tagged in Icelandic waters with the DST GPS, an archival tag that can receive and store GPS positions received from boats.  The system's principal is that a free swimming fish can receive a position from a boat, either through a Simrad sonar, or a small and portable sounder from Star-Oddi called FPS (Fish Positioning Sounder). The position of the boat is recorded in the memory of the tag, when fish is within the transmitting range.  Temperature and depth is also recorded at user defined sampling intervals. 

The GPS tagging has been conducted by the Marine Research Institute (MRI) of Iceland. The results indicate that a few cod that were tagged South of Iceland, went North of Iceland for spawning.  This behavioral pattern has previously not been observed. The objective of the research was to study the migration route of cod from main spawning grounds South West of Iceland, to feeding grounds. Furthermore, a new technology was being tested, with the cod being the first species to be tagged with the new tag DST GPS.

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Increased memory size for DST CTD logger!

Star-Oddi has double increased the memory size in its DST CTD, a small salinity, temperature and depth recording Data Storage Tag (DST). Memory size in DST CTD is now 87,000 measurements per each of the three sensors. If the pressure is skipped, it can hold up to 130,000 salinity and temperature measurements (DST CT).

With the application software and communication box, the user can define the start date & time and sampling interval. Data is viewed in graphs and tables.

The DST CTD has a typical battery lifetime of 4 years, but this can vary with sampling interval used. The logger can be reused multiple times for shorter recording periods, as long as the battery lasts. When not measuring, the tag is kept in sleep mode, saving the battery life. Although designed for putting on fish and marine animals, the DST CTD is widely used as a stand alone logger. Visit the DST CTD website here.

Monitoring fishing gear?  

With increased selection of sensor, the DST loggers have become popular for use on various fishing gear, studying its behavior.  Improve fishing efficiency by collecting data as depth, temperature, salinity, pitch & roll and compass. The DSTs are available with a protective housing.

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