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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 5/08 November 2008

Pasteurisation Data Logger for beverage industry

For over a decade Icelandic high technology company Star-Oddi has developed and manufactured small data loggers for various industries and research applications.

In 2001 Star-Oddi launched a small data logger that measures and records temperature and pressure and is specially designed to monitor the pasteurisation process in beverage industry. The small PU -Data Logger can be closed inside the sample bottle/can which then will be passed through the pasteurisation tunnel normally with other products. The PU- Data Logger can be attached inside the bottle/can with a "Spider Cap" bracket in the optimal measuring point for more accurate results. With DST milli-PU logger you can obtain high accuracy in quality control.

The supporting FoodStar software was developed in co-operation with Anheuser-Busch. The FoodStar software automatically displays the recorded data in a graphical presentation as well as in tabular form. The results can also be exported into other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

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Microbreweries on the island of the sagas

The Icelandic beer culture traces back to the times of the sagas. In the Norse mythology the chief god Odin was told to have enjoyed just beer for dinner, whilst his wolves Freki and Geri ate the meal served for Odin in Valhalla. Even though beer was banned in Iceland for 75 years up until 1989, today the breweries and the beer culture around them flourish. Every year, March 1st Iceland celebrates "The Day of the Beer", the day when beer was legalized almost twenty years ago.

The rise of micro breweries has been noted all around Europe as the new trend in the beer market. The bigger breweries are globalizing and the smaller micro breweries take the stand as Your Local Brewer. Similar trend can be seen in the Icelandic beer market as well, even though having just passed its teens.

The latest newcomer in the Icelandic market is a micro brewery Mjöður Brugghús that produces a lager beer Jökull - the glacier. The Jökull  has been sold in restaurants and liqueur shops from the begining of the year and has already established its place in the hearts of the icelandic consumers.

Bruggsmiðjan Árskógssandi brewery was established in 2005 and it brews two Kaldi lagers using an old Czech recipe. Besides Kaldi, they also brew Gullfoss lager for a microbrewery in Reykjavik, Ölgerð Reykjavíkur. Kaldi was born in northern Iceland as a king idea of a sailor (and his wife) who had lost his sea legs. Now, three years later Kaldi is appreciated among the quality conscious beer consumers in Iceland.

Ölvisholt Brugghús in southern Iceland is also a brewery of two beers. Ölvisholt is the first of the Icelandic microbreweries to go abroad with its beer. Danish beer lovers have now been given a taste of Ölvisholt´s Móri and Skjálfti beers, and there is more to come.

The uprising of the Danish micro breweries has surely been an example for the Icelandic beer industry. Many Icelandic brewer has sought to copy the expertise of the Danes and of course the tradition and skills of the German and Czech brewer masters. Also the bigger breweries, Vífillfell (brewer of Viking) and Ölgerðin Egill Skallagrímsson (brewer of Egils Gull) are now offering a wider range of beers to satisfy the growing demand for special beers in Iceland. Icelandic beer culture is doing well. Quality control, research and developement and top notch ingridients play the main roles in Icelandic brewing - And love for the brew of course!



Starmon hi-temp
High Temperature recorder

The Starmon hi-temp was designed for power companies who wanted to record temperature in water pipelines.

Starmon hi-temp records the temperature and stores the data into an internal memory under the control of a microprocessor. 
The Starmon hi-temp is a low power consumption recorder. It is powered by a single lithium battery (1/2 AA size) that normally lasts for 5 years and can be replaced.

Starmon hi-temp is calibrated to an accuracy of +/-0.5°C with the resolution of 0.025°C and measuring range from 0°C to +90°C. Starmon hi-temp has a memory capacity of 350,000 measurements.

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