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NEWSLETTER ISSUE 6/04 December 2004

New Product Release!! World´s Smallest TD Logger

Star-Oddi is introducing the world's smallest DST measuring World smallest TD logger!!temperature and depth.  The tag is named DST micro. Its size in Diameter is only 8,3 mm and length 25,4 mm, weighing 1,9 gram in water. The product has been available in Star-Oddi development department for more than one year, but with recently made contracts for tagging salmon smolt, the tag is being transferred into volume production. Besides being used for tagging juvenile fish, on species that have already been tagged, the tag will also be used for tagging species that have not been possible to tag previously, due to small size of the fish. The tag will be available for delivery in spring 2005.

Please see more information on the tag.

Recaptured GPS Tags!!
Migration Pattern of Cods in Icelandic Territorial Waters

In May 2004 the Marine Research Institute in Iceland was the firstRecaptured GPS Tags, Click to enlarge image institute in the world to take into use the pioneering DST GPS fish positioning system made be Star-Oddi and Simrad. For the last few months some of the tagged cods have been recaptured and three of them had recorded GPS code sent from a research vessel carrying a Simrad sonar. The cods that carried the three tags provide invaluable information about the fish migration pattern and the fish behavior, information that is not possible to obtain by other means for reasonable cost. The DST GPS tags store information about the fish GPS position that is sent from a vessel in parallel with temperature and depth.

The picture shows the recaptured GPS tags that had received a GPS code sent from a research vessel that transmitted the code with a Simrad sonar. The three tags are displayed with different color, and with date.

More information about the GPS system.

Recaptured Tagged Redfish,
180 Nautical Miles from "Home"


In October 2003 the Marine Research Institute of Iceland taggedRecaptured Tagged Redfish - Click to enlarge image approximately 200 redfish at depth of 500 m with the Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) made  by Star-Oddi. Today, one year later, altogether ten (10) fish have been recaptured from this cruise. The last three recaptures provide very valuable information about the migration pattern of redfish in Icelandic territorial waters.

The redfish were tagged SW of Iceland on the Reykjanes ridge in October 2003 but two were recaptured in mid August 2004 after carrying a tag for 10 months and the last one was recaptured few days ago after carrying the tag for twelve months . A fishery boat named Sunbeam from Shetlands Islands (UK) recaptured two tagged redfish on fishing grounds east of Iceland, specifically on the western slope of the Iceland - Faeroe Islands ridge, approximately 180 nautical miles from the release site last august and the last one was recaptured by an Icelandic fishing boat west of Iceland.

This behavior is especially valuable where it proves that the redfish wanders around Icelandic territorial waters. This information helps the scientist to understand the migration behavior pattern of the redfish, and ultimately help the institution to accomplish one of its goals; to improve sustainable management of the redfish stock.

See UTE Poster by Thorsteinn Sigurdsson & Vilhjalmur Thorsteinsson

Star-Oddi among Nine Nominees for Nordic Nature and Environmental Price 2004 

The Nordic Ministry nominated nine institutes/firms for the Nature- and Environmental Price for 2004, Star-Oddi was one of them. Being among the nominees is a prestigious honour, a fine selection of qualified firms and institutes that have made a substantial contribution towards protection of the nature and the environment were nominated. The theme this year was Protection of the Nordic marine environment, and the price went to The Swedish based "Coalition Clean Baltic" an environmental organisation. The nominee strengthens Star-Oddi, its employees and users, in the belief that the products and technology are making a difference.

Temperature Recorder

Starmon mini Temperature Recorders: Accurate, reliable and robust temperature recorders with large memory size and long battery life for environmental studies.

Click here for more information

Star-Oddi´s Products  Include  

Small, economical and easy to use temperature, depth and salinity loggers. The DST series is suitable for tagging marine animals, mooring applications in oceans and freshwater, fishing gear studies and more.

DST CTD - Salinity Logger

Click here and have a closer look at our products on our website. 

More Possibilites!! Optimize the memory usage

We are continuously working on improving our technology. The latest update is with DST milli and DST centi TD loggers. The user can choose if temperature and depth measurements are taken in pairs or not. The user can specify the measurements to optimize the memory usage. For example take depth measurements more frequently than temperature measurements if there is not high fluctuations in the temperature measurements and vice versa.

Visit Our Website

Visit our website and see other products and news related to your field. If you would like to receive a price quote, know more about the company or the products please contact us and we will do our best to answer any of your questions.

Offer on Temperature Recorders!!

Star-Oddi is offering a free cable and free software (worth $369) with all orders of the Starmon mini temperature recorder. The offer is valid throughout November 2004. Contact us for pricing.

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