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Pasteurisation Data Logger (PU Data Logger)
For Measuring Temperature and Pressure inside Cans and Bottles
For over a decade Star-Oddi has been developing small data loggers for various industries and research applications. The latest product is a small pasteurisation data logger called DST milli-PU that fits into bottles and cans and measures temperature and pressure.


  • Easy to handle, small, lightweight and fits into cans and bottles
  • High accuracy (temperature better than +/-0.1°C & pressure better than 0,4% of full scale)
  • Temperature and pressure recordings are time related
  • Automatic graphical presentation of Pasteurization Unit (PU) along temperature and pressure
  • Eliminates the possibility of leaks
  • Large memory size (21,738 measurements per sensor)
  • User defined sampling intervals (sec, min, hours)
  • Data can be exported into other programs
  • Dimensions are 38.4mm (length) x 12.5mm (diameter)
  • Available as a temperature recorder only, double increasing the memory size
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable prices

The DST milli-PU data logger is placed inside a sample can or bottle with a "Spider Cap" bracket that places the data logger in the center of the can/bottle, insuring accurate data collection and minimizing the possibility of leaks. The main purpose of the small pasteurization data logger is to improve the biological stability of the final product.

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350 BAR Pressure & Temperature Sensor Now Available!

Star-Oddi has developed a pressure (depth) sensor for measuring ocean depths down to 3500 m (350 bar), DST centi-hp.   The high pressure sensor DST centi HP (high pressure), records temperature in addition to the pressure (depth).  The sensor is a result of Star-Oddi expertise within the field of material technology.Data Storage Tag with Plastic Protective Housing

The memory size can be extended to 262,000 measurements (131,000 paired measurements of temperature and depth).  Battery typically lasts 4-5 years.  The DST is available with a protective polyurethane plastic housing for harsh conditions (see picture).

The DST centi-hp is 48 mm in length and 16 mm in diameter.

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Distributors wanted!! 

Star-Oddi has been expanding its business very rapidly for the last few years and we are now looking for distributors world wide to serve our customers even better.

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Our Product Series Include  

Data Storage Tags (DST): Small, economical and easy to use temperature, depth and salinity loggers. The DST series is suitable for tagging marine animals as well for mooring applications in oceans and freshwater

Star-Oddi Products Being Deployed

Starmon mini Temperature Recorders: Accurate, reliable and robust temperature recorders with large memory size and long battery life for environmental studies.

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