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Communication Box
The DST's are operated with our software and a Communication Box, which is connected to a PC. All communication and data transfer is wireless via the box. The Com Box comes with a power supply, 9 pin serial cable, a USB serial converter cable and a hard plastic case that also fits several data loggers. The box comes in four different sizes, the same as our DST sizes, centi, milli, micro and nano. Each size requires its own Communication Box.
Communication Box
Mercury is our graphical Windows supporting software for the Biomedical Industry. It is suitable for DST micro-T, DST microRF and DST nano-T. Just like our other software, Mercury offers various options for measurement setup and graphical and tabular view of retrieved data.
Personal Area Network (PAN)*

The PAN is connected to the PC. It receives signals from the RF box that's attached to each cage. The PAN can handle up to 127 RF boxes. The PAN comes with a power supply, 9 pin serial cable and a USB serial converter cable.
*Can only be used with Star-Oddi telemetry loggers

Antenna & RF Box*
The antenna (37cm x 27cm) transmits data to the RF box which is the transreceiver module that sends information to the PAN. The antenna and RF box are both attached to the cage.
*Can only be used with Star-Oddi telemetry loggers.