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Communication Box
The DST's are operated with our software and a Communication Box, which is connected to a PC. All communication and data transfer is wireless via the box. The Com Box comes with a power supply, 9 pin serial cable, a USB serial converter cable and a hard plastic case that also fits several data loggers. The box comes in four different sizes, the same as our DST sizes, centi, milli, micro and nano. Each size requires its own Communication Box.
Communication Box
FoodStar is especially created for the Food and Beverage Industry. It is suitable for the DST milli-PU and offers special pasteurization monitoring features. Prior to recording you can set the recorder with individual measurement requirements. It offers graphical and tabular overview for further analysis.
Spider Cap
The Spider Cap is an accessory specially designed for the beverage industry to keep the recorder in an optimal centered position inside a bottle or can during the pasteurization process. The DST milli PU is inserted into the Spider Cap and placed into the bottle. Dimensions are 17 mm x 70 mm.
Bottle-Can Tray

The Bottle-Can Tray is suitable for use in the beverage and food industry, during tunnel pasteurisation, used together with the DST milli-PU. Its main purpose is to make the examined bottle/can easily identifiable from the bottles/cans not being studied, preventing it from accidentally getting lost or transferred to consumers. The tray has three adjustable knobs, for fastening bottles/cans of different sizes in the middle of the tray. There is also an option for an adjustable arm that has a capsule on the end, containing the DST milli-PU, that goes into the bottle/can. The purpose of the arm (not shown in picture) is to make it easier to remove the DST logger from the can/bottle, re-program and re-insert it into a bottle/can. The arm can be adjusted and fastened by the user so that the logger is placed in the preferred position inside the bottle/can.