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DST centi-HRT ACT heart rate, activity and temperature logger

Implantable heart rate, activity and temp sensor


Key features

  • Leadless, minimally invasive
  • Small, size 46mm x 15mm and 19g
  • Correlation between heart rate and activity
  • Overview of changes in animal activity over time
  • Stress-free long-term studies


Leadless, Minimally Invasive

The heart rate and activity logger DST centi-HRT ACT simultaneously measures long term heart rate, activity and body temperature in the animal. The logger has no external wires, which makes it especially simple to implant. The logger is hermetically sealed for biocompatibility

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The logger is ideal for a variety of studies including those looking at behaviour and stress response, in the fields of laboratory animal research, wildlife research, animal welfare and fish physiology.

Correlation Between Heart Rate and Activity

Looking at heart rate and activity together gives researchers an opportunity to identify correlation between heart rate and activity in the animal, for example in stress response studies. The logger comes with the option of either two or three parameters: activity and temperature or activity, heart rate and temperature. 

Leadless ECG Derived Heart Rate

The heart rate is derived from a leadless single channel ECG (electrocardiogram) in which the electrodes are part of the housing material, making the logger especially easy to implant. For heart rate the logger takes a burst measurement on any set time interval and calculates the mean heart rate for each recording. Each recorded burst measurement consists of 600 measurements. For validation purposes, each individual burst is graded with a certain QI (quality index) accessible in the accompanying application software. 

Overview of Changes in Animal Activity Over Time

Measuring acceleration derived activity gives researchers the chance to get an overall view of changes in the study animals’ activity over time. The DST activity loggers measure acceleration in three dimensions, in relation to earth‘s gravity field.

(Top): 3-axis acceleration

(Bottom): ACT Index 0: no activity, 1: low, 2: medium, 3: high 

Stress-Free Long-Term Studies

The activity logger can store up to 233,017 3-axis accelerometer, heart rate and temperature measurements per sensor and has a battery life of over 19 months with a sampling interval of 10 minutes. The logger is especially useful when a comprehensive data set throughout the research is needed with no disturbance to the animal. The logger can easily be sterilized and reused as long as the battery lasts.

Different Measurement Intervals

Optionally, the loggers can be programmed with up to seven different intervals within a measurement sequence. This can, for example be useful when different intervals are preferred during the day or night, or different seasons.

Simple in Use, From Setup to Data Retrieval

The DST centi-HRT ACT is supported by the Mercury software and a Communication Box which has to be purchased with the first order. The communication box serves as an interface between the logger and a PC computer. After recovering the logger, recorded data is uploaded to the software where the results are displayed both in graphic and tabular form. The data can be exported to other programs. 

For more information about accessories please see our Accessories site.

Technical Specifications

SensorsHeart-rate, Activity (3-axes acceleration), temper
Size (diameter x length)15mm x 46mm
Housing materialAlumina (Ceramic)
Weight (in air/in water)in air: 19g
in water: 12g
Memory typeNon-volatile EEPROM
Memory capacity233,017 measurements per sensor
(if all parameters are recorded simultaneously)
Memory capacity bytes2,097,152 bytes / HR+T 3 bytes, acceleration 6 bytes
Memory management- Custom programming
- Primary and secondary parameter
Data resolution12* bits for temperature, 13 bits for acceleration
Temperature resolution0.032°C (0.058°F)
Temperature accuracy+/-0.1°C (0.18°F)
Temperature range5°C to +45°C (41°F to 113°F)**
Temperature response timeTime constant (63%) reached in 20 sec.
Data retention25 years
ClockReal time clock
Accuracy +/-1 min/month
Sampling intervalUser programmable
Number of different sampling intervals1 to 7 different intervals within a measurement sequence
CommunicationsCommunication Box, RS-232C 9 pin serial or USB
Attachment hole0.9 mm (in diameter)
Battery life19 months***
Acceleration resolution4mg
Acceleration accuracy+/-32mg
* Adjusted resolution **Outside ranges available upon request *** For sampling interval of 10 minutes; heart-rate activity and temperature recorded simultaneously. Specifications may change without notice.

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