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Application software download

Below you can download the latest version of the Star-Oddi application software. We recommend updating the software regularly so you will benefit from our latest developments.

Standard version

Long-term support (LTS) version

An LTS version is a parallel version of the standard software
but remains unchanged for a long period of time, except for
necessary bug fixes. View benefits here.

SeaStar 7.00 (3 MB)


SeaStar LTS

Mercury 4.00 (3 MB)


Mercury LTS

Mercury & Gná 1.36 (4 MB)*


FoodStar 4.00 (3 MB)


FoodStar LTS

PatternFinder 1.08 (2 MB)

*For telemetry system

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or newer version

Product key

A product key is needed to run the application software. The product key is delivered with the purchase of a software. The software is a one time purchase and all upgrades are free of charge.

USB driver– for connection with DST and Starmon loggers

USB drivers should automatically install on the computer when cable is connected to an internet connect PC computer.

But in case a manual download is necessary you can download and install the USB driver below, depending which cable is being used:

Direct USB cable and blue & white converter, FTDI Chipi-x10:

Black converter, prolific serial USB:
NOTE: This USB converter has been discontinued. If using this black converter please contact Star-Oddi as an upgrade to the FTDI chip USB converter is strongly recommended, especially if running Windows 10.