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Here you can view video tutorials for our application softwares, videos of implementing Star-Oddi products and assembly instructions.

External and Internal Tagging

The tags can be attached both externally and internally to the fish. When using external attachment, the tag is fastened close to or in front of the dorsal fin by steel threading. The internal tagging is done by implantation into the fishes body cavity.

For more information on treatment of fish or tagging instruction visit our Fish site.

Internal tagging

External Fish Tagging Video

You can view a video (mpeg) from tagging in Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland in December 2003 (20 Mb).
Warning! This is a large file. Having ISDN or ADSL or faster is recommended.  
You can also download by right clicking on the file and selecting 'Save Target As'

Wire Fastener Kit

Step-by-step picture tutorial on how to assemble the wire fastener for external animal tagging.