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Star-Oddi is a leading edge manufacturer of equipment for ocean and freshwater research, specializing in scientific equipment containing microelectronics and sensors. Star-Oddi works closely with scientists and marine research institutes worldwide contributing to increased knowledge of marine life and sustainable fishery resource management. High emphasis is put on developing equipment that can be used to protect, restore and manage the coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based management. 

Star-Oddi product range

The Data Storage Tags (DST) - also known as archival tags – are miniature underwater data loggers available with sensors such as temperature, depth, salinity, tilt, magnetic field strength and light levels. The DST data logger stores the measured data in its internal memory and is uploaded into a PC computer where data is viewed in graphs and tables.

The DST is widely used for fish tagging, as a submersible data logger for environmental monitoring on moorings, attached to deployment lines or for studies on fishing gear and underwater research equipments, collecting valuable research data.

The Starmon mini is a submersible temperature recorder that is known for its reliability, accuracy, large memory size and long battery life. It is a robust data logger that is designed for use in oceans, rivers and lakes.

Fish Call is a submersible acoustic transmitter (sounder) that sends low frequency sound underwater to attract fish. Fish can be trained to respond to the sound and go towards it, helping in catching and feeding schools of fish.

Underwater Tagging Equipment (UTE) tags fish without bringing them to the surface. Since deepwater fish species cannot survive being brought to the surface for tagging and release, little information exists on their behavior. Star-Oddi has the solution with the pioneering UTE where tagging is performed underwater at great depths.

Fish Selector helps sorting the fish while still in the trawl. It is programmed to select fish by size and species, unwanted fish automatically bypasses the trawl and is released into the ocean. This helps commercial fisheries to fish only those species they want and minimizes discarding of fish.

The marine and freshwater sector is rapidly growing as researchers are constantly finding new applications where the products help them achieve their research objectives. DSTs/archival tags are used by marine biologists and scientists worldwide. To see some of our customers click here.

Easy to use
Using Star-Oddi data loggers is simple and quick. The recordes are supported by the product software SeaStar and the Communication Box, which works as an interface between the loggers and the computer. Through SeaStar the loggers are programmed prior to recording. After the measuring period retrieved data can be viewed and analyzed both in graphical and tabular form. Data can be exported into other programs such as Microsoft Excel. When data has been retrieved the loggers can be reset for new recordings.

Personal service
Our employees have many years of experience in developing and working with research equipment for aquatic environments and fisheries research. Customer satisfaction is achieved with innovative solutions and cost effective proven designs. Star-Oddi’s solutions and products are suitable for all types of study, from small scale to large scale in marine or freshwater environments.