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Ideal loggers for biomedical studies

The Star-Oddi loggers are small implantable recorders that measure heart rate and/or temperature with high accuracy and provide real time telemetry with live data to a PC or logging, where real-time data is stored in their internal memory, accessible after the trial. For several years the Star-Oddi loggers have been used by the biomedical industry in virology, vaccinology and in studies that require accurate measurements. All DSTs are delivered with calibration certificates to ensure compliance with GLP.

             Advantages at glance:

  • Telemetry and/or logging
  • Automatic measurements                                   
  • Small size                                                                                  
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Group, unconfined housing


Small sized loggers - the product family

The Star-Oddi product family features four different sizes. They vary in memory size and battery life.          

                                        Type and dimensions                     Sensors                   Examples of application:

17mm x 6mm, 1g

Temperaturetemperature telemetry feature         

Mice, gerbils, hamsters and other small research animals                                     

25.4mm x 8.3mm, 3.3g

Temperature, temperature telemetry feature and/or heart rate

Telemetry: rats, guinea pigs

Heart rate: rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, foxes

Temperature: all of the above and other large research animals                     

13mm x 39.5mm, 11.8g                             

Temperature and/or heart  rate                                            

Heart rate: non human primates, small ruminants (sheep, goat), canines

Temperature: all of the above and other large animals                                          

15mm x 46mm, 19g         

Temperatureand/or heart  rate and activity         

bears, swine, cattle, horses and other large animals


Heart rate measurements

The DST-HRT loggers, in micro, milli and centi size simultaneously measure long term heart rate and core temperature. This makes them ideal for studies in which baseline and immunology responses are recorded; they are also suitable for toxicological, metabolic and thermoregulation studies.

The heart rate is derived from a leadless single channel ECG in which the electrodes are part of the housing material, making the logger especially easy to implant. The logger takes a burst measurement on any set time interval and calculates the mean heart rate for each recording. For validation purposes, each individual burst is graded with a certain quality index (QI) accessible in the accompanying application software.

Temperature measurements

The Star-Oddi DST temperature loggers in nano, micro, milli and centi size, are well suited for recording constant temperature throughout your research with no disturbance to the animal or the subject. Being able to measure core temperature without human interference reduces the stress placed on the animal circumventing any consequential fluctuations in the temperature profile. This may also result in a reduction of the number of laboratory animals used, with fewer animals needed to obtain reliable temperature data.

Activity measurements

Activity sensor is available in the largest centi size. Measuring acceleration derived activity gives researchers the chance to get an overall view of changes in the animal's activity over time. The DST activity logger measures acceleration in three dimensions, in relation to earth's gravity field. Temperature is also measured but can be omitted.

Compact leadless design

Researchers appreciate the loggers small size, high accuracy and biocompatible material suitable for implantation. With the completely leadless design of the loggers the implantation surgery becomes minimally invasive.

Easy to use and reusable

The Star-Oddi loggers are simple in use, from setup and surgery to data retrieval. The measurement data can be analyzed in graphic and tabular form and exported to most statistical analysis programs. The same logger can be reused as long as the battery lasts. When data has been retrieved the temperature logger can easily be sterilized and reset for new recordings. We recommend using gas or ethanol sterilization for our loggers.

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