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DewMon - Humidity, temperature & pressure monitor

Humidity (dewpoint) monitor


The DewMon is an air system monitor that offers:

  • Online monitoring
  • Remote connection
  • Air system behaviour analysis
  • Air quality in relation to temperature / pressure / humidity and dew point
  • User definable level warning system
  • Air activators dynamic performance can be monitored through high speed measurements
  • Communication: CAN (CanOpen protocol). Optionally RS232 or RS485 protocol


DewMon measures air conditions surrounding machinery where dew point, humidity, temperature and pressure are important parameters to monitor as they can affect the performance of costly machinery and even cause permanent damage at certain levels. Machinery users and suppliers can easily access data online to check status on dew-point, humidity, temperature and pressure. If dew-point occurs or is close to a certain minimum level a warning is reported to the user. All measurements are time stamped and stored on the user's computer for analysing past data. 

The DewMon design is small enough to fit into most air-valve cabinets using simple DIN rail mount. The DewMon is a slim-line DIN rail mountable, with a single “Phoenix type” connector, i.e. power supply and CAN connector in one. DewMon can be at a convenient location in a cabinet. It is easy to install and has rotating CAN dips for setting node number and CAN bus speed.

CAN OPEN/RS232/RS485 communication bus
The user can communicate with DewMon and program it to:
• Start or Stop measurements.
• Define transmitting rate, from 10 milliseconds to 10 Seconds.
• Offers the possibility to analyse the air system performance over specified user defined time interval (same as the transmission interval) in relation to fast sampling of maximum, minimum and medium pressure values.

Examples of Application

Air system dynamic behaviour
Monitor the air system behaviour, in relation to the added machinery and the system performance over time.

Remote service
Through the internet the customer can connect to the instrument on-line and perform measurements and make repair suggestions, thereby improving customer service and helping technicians find failures.

Production quality
Before shipping the machinery its dynamic performance can be monitored through high speed transmission of data as fast as 100 times per second.
Enables production to control the quality of their machinery, by analysing activators reaction time and how the air system and the machinery work together.

Installation analysis
When installing the machinery with the end user, DewMon will enable the installation engineer to check the in house air to see if it is compliant to the needs. It can easily be seen if there is a need for strengthening the in house air system.

Exempt from warranty claims
Air system status information is made available to the user and manufacturer. Warnings can be issued if system is close to dew point or pressure is low. Activators can easily be damaged months after water/dew point has occurred in the air systems, increasing cost for the manufacturer. High warranty claims can be avoided by using DewMon together with machinery:
A: It gives warning if the air is close to dew point.
B: It gives the producer of the machinery the possibility of monitoring the air and get past data. In cases where repairs are needed the DewMon can exempt manufacturer from warranty claims if it proofs that the air conditions do not meet specifications.
C: Reduce cost due to improved monitoring, tracibility in humidity conditions and remote service/technical assistance (decreasing travel cost).

System performance monitoring
The air system measurements can be monitored at low transmission speeds (1sec and higher); still maintaining information on pressure dynamic features through high frequency measurements and max/min values. Discussions over what happened can thus be eliminated.

Click the above image link to view panorama images of the DewMon.

Technical Specifications

SensorsHumidity, temperature, pressure
Size (diameter x length)Length x height x width: 95mm x 115mm x 50mm
Weight400 g.
Temperature accuracyAccuracy temperature air channel +/- 1°C.
Accuracy temperature sensor electronics +/- 1°C
Temperature range-12 to 45°C*
Temperature response timeSensor air channel <1 second
Sensor electronics <1 second
CommunicationsCAN OPEN BUS ( appr. 1000m)
CAN to USB converter (appr. 100m). Optional
RS 485 (appr. 1000m). Optional
RS232 (appr. 15m). Optional
Can to Ethernet converter (appr. 1000m)
Pressure range12 bar **
Pressure resolutionResolution pressure average/max, min desiBar/centiBar
Pressure accuracy0.1 Bar
Pressure response time<1 ms
* Outside temperature range available upon request.
** Customer specified

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