Self contained temperature and depth data logger for demanding conditions

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Starmon TD - temperature depth data logger

For demanding environments


Key features:

  • Ideal for monitoring fishing gear, tidal waves and moorings
  • Compact and durable – robust non-corrosive aluminium housing, 197 mm x 40 mm 
  • Fast and accurate – 2 sec temp response time and sampling frequency down to 20 times per second, depth acc. 0.3% FS, temp acc. 0.025°C.
  • Long life replaceable battery – typically over 10 years
  • Large memory – 8.4 million measurements per sensor


Compact and durable

The robust temperature and depth data logger, Starmon TD, is designed to withstand harsh conditions and long-term deployment subsea. The logger is durable with its robust and non-corrosive housing. Recorded data is stored in the logger‘s internal memory with a time stamp for each measurement. A calibration certificate is delivered with each instrument.

For flexible mounting, Starmon TD has an attachment hole and two slots for strapping to moorings, nets or deployment lines.

Fast and accurate

The temperature sensor has a fast response of 2 seconds and the depth sensor has immediate response. Depth accuracy is +/-0.3% of full range and temperature accuracy is +/-0.025°C. Sampling intervals are user programmable and can be set down to 20 times per second.

Long life and large memory

The replaceable battery typically has a long life of over 10 years. Actual lifetime depends on sampling interval used and frequency of use. Memory size is 8.4 million recordings per sensor.

Flexibility in sampling

Fastest possible sampling interval is 20 times per second. Up to seven different intervals can be set for the same measurement sequence. This is especially useful when more frequent measurements are needed at a certain time period.

Simple in use

By unscrewing the end cap of the housing, a cable plug becomes accessible. A standard USB cable connects directly from logger to a PC computer. In the application software, SeaStar, the user sets the start time, start date and sampling interval before starting the logger.

Easy viewing of data

After the logger has been recovered, Starmon TD is connected to a PC and the recorded data downloaded. Results are displayed in the SeaStar software as a graph and table. Dataset can be exported to other data processing software.

A set of USB cable and SeaStar software needs to be purchased with the first order.

Technical Specifications

SensorsTemperature and pressure (depth)
Size (diameter x length)40 mm x 197 mm
Housing materialAluminium
Weight (in air/in water)In air: 490 g
In water: 240 g
Memory typeFLASH
Memory capacity8.4 million measurements per sensor with date & time
Memory capacity bytes32 million bytes
Data resolution15 bit
Temperature resolution0.002°C (0.004°F)
Temperature accuracy+/-0.025°C (+/-0.045°F)
Temperature range-2°C to +40°C (28°F to 104°F)*
Temperature response time2 seconds time constant (63% of full value)
Standard depth ranges50m
Depth resolution<0.01% of FS (Full Scale)
Precision or relative accuracy is +/-0.016% of FS
For example the precision is 8 mm for 50 m range
Depth accuracyBetter than +/-0.3% FS
Depth response time Immediate
Pressure toleranceDepends on pressure sensor selected.
200 bar / 2000 m maximum
Data retention20 years (data is retained even if battery fails)
ClockReal time clock. Accuracy +/-1 min/month**
Sampling intervalUser programmable in sec., min., or hrs.
Option for burst measurements (5hz, 10hz or 20hz)
CommunicationsStandard USB cable, plugs directly from instrument to PC
Attachment hole6 mm
Plus two slots for strapping the logger, each 12 mm wide and 0.8mm deep
Pressure range5 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar, 50 bar, 100 bar, 200 bar
Battery life>10 years***
Application softwareSeaStar graphic supporting software for Windows
Computer interfaceUSB
Warranty12 months
In case of failing to meet these specifications, and failure related to hardware or software, the warranty covers the cost for repair/recalibration/replacement of logger, in addition to shipment of logger due to this.
*Extended temperature calibration available, up to 55°C
**The recorder automatically gets the PC clock once connection is established with a PC computer.
***For sampling interval of 5 min. Battery is replaceable.
Specifications may change without notice.

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